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Cusco, Peru

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Hey all, I´m going to add more to this later, but just thought I´d say a little about Cusco, Peru. It´s a really nice, colonial town. The town square is huge, and they have a ton of things going on all the time. It´s a big tourist town, so there´s a ton of different food and things to do. I bought a few things here, and have one more day since returning from Machu Picchu...which was really awesome! I uploaded a couple pictures for you all, and will upload more and write more later! I´m pretty tired, it was a long day getting up at 3:30 am to get up to Machu Picchu.

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Lima, Peru!

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From Cuenca, Ecuador we took a bus down to, and across the border into Peru. That part was about 6 hours. It was a 3 hour wait at the border because at the time we crossed, they were re-booting and backing up the computerized immigration system. After sitting on a curb for a couple hours on the border of Ecuador and Peru, we finally got processed (which took all of 30 seconds). Then headed to the Peruvian Immigration Office to get cleared and then off we went! We headed to the bus station at Piura, Peru and changed busses, then had a 15 hour busride to Lima! It was pretty nice though, and we got to sit in the front of a double-decker, luxury bus. I had a panoramic view of the entire journey with this HUGE window across the whole front and wrapping around the sides. It was a little unnerving because they drive here just like they do in any latin country...crazy! We got into Lima and a friend from Portland´s mother met us there with her other son, and they took us around for the whole day. She and her son were both super helpful and some of the nicest people ever! I´m really glad we got a chance to all meet them. We got to see a ton of stuff, all packed into one day. The entire city center, including the Presidential Palace and offices, a phenominal church (complete with access down into the catacombes), enjoyed some of the best chicken at a Peruvian Chicken Roaster, a museum on Peruvian Indian history, and got to see a very impacting mueseum about the Spanish Inquisition. It was housed in a church where people who weren´t "beleivers" were tortured and coerrced into believing. The museum included a tour of the underground torture chambers, views through glass of the walls where people awaiting their torture had scratched writings into the wall, and the various things (all original artifacts) used in the torture. Needless to say, it was incredibly impacting, rivaling the Holocaust Museum in Washington DC. After that, we headed back to the hostel to rest a bit, then got up and headed out to a Casino! Hah! Yeah, they have casinos in Lima, just like in Las Vegas! They bring you free beverages as long as you´re playing (we all played penny machines). They also gave you a free meal (consisting of some roast pork, potatoes and rice), and even brought a desert cart around, so I had some chocolate cake to top it all off! That´s right! It was great! After that, I headed to bed, and we had to leave for Cusco. We headed out for a great lunch (I´ll upload a picture when I get to a computer that will let me do that...it was definitely picture worthy), and caught a cab for $3 to the bus terminal, which was 20 minutes away. The busride to Cusco took 21 hours, but it was super comfortable, with leather seats that reclined down to nearly flat beds, a hot roast beef dinner, and a morning breakfast. We have the same bus tickets back, so it´ll be just fine! Tomorrow we are planning on checking out the museums in Cusco, and just doing some shopping at the markets, etc. Sunday, we have a tour booked to go through the Sacred Valley, where there are tons of ruins. That´ll be a whole day tour, from 8:00 am to 6:30 pm, and then Sunday we board the train to a town called Aguas Calientes (it´s supposed to be a scenic, 3 hour train ride through some amazing hillsides). We spend the night there, and then get up at 3:30 Tuesday morning to hike 1.5 hours up to Machu Picchu. We can stay there and get some good pictures with not too many tourists since it will be in the morning, then we head back to Aguas Calientes, and board the afternoon train back to Cusco for Tuesday night. Wednesday evening we board our bus back to Lima, stay the day and night there and then head back to the US. I´ll definitely add at least a few more blogs! I hope to add one about the town of Cusco, then the Sacred Valley, Machu Picchu and Lima again. Talk to you all soon!

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We made it to Peru!

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Hey everyone! We made it to Peru. I´m in a town called Piura, waiting for the busride to Lima. It´s a 15 hour ride, but the bus is really nice. You can google Cruz Del Sur Peru and see the line I´m riding. I am in one where the seats turn partially into beds. From Lima to Cuzco, I have one with leather seats that turn into full-on beds, with meal service! I will stay one day in Lima and then we head out on a 21 hour busride to Cuzco Thursday! Yes, 21 hours (that´s why we have the "presidential cama" tickets. I don´t have much to write since I´ve just been traveling on a bus since Cuzco, but I´ll add some about Lima when I´m down there, along with more pictures.

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Baños, Ecuador

More on Baños...

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Today I got up early and headed over to the tour agency because we were going to go repelling down a waterfall....yes, that´s what I said. We got all suited up and headed out, in a rocking 1978 Chevy Nova (just like my Uncle Bob´s but tan instead of silver). I was the first to go down both waterfalls. The first one was about 50 feet (18 meters or so), just for practice. That was intimidating enough! The second was about 150 feet (around 50 meters) and amazing! There´s pictures of both for you to enjoy! I also uploaded pictures from the jungle tour and the ATV adventure, including me on a swing going out over a cliff that overlooks the city of Baños. It was quite a couple of days for me to test my nerves about heights for sure!

Tomorrow morning we are heading to Cuenca, Ecuador. It´s supposed to be a nice colonial town with some cool things to see. I think we´ll only be there, at most, for a couple days. Then off to Peru. Hopefully we´ll get a direct bus from Cuenca into Peru. That would be safer and much less hassle than walking across the border and then getting a new bus. I´ll keep you all posted as I find out information!

I have to say that every place I have visited in Ecuador is absolutely amazing! I don´t even think my pictures are doing it justice. There´s so much to do, in such a small country! Everything, from big city to some of the most beautiful beach, to the coastal Andes Mountains, to high-altitude and cool-climate cities to the Amazon! Pretty much everything you could imagine in one small package!

Well, that´s all for now. Enjoy the pictures!

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Baños, Ecuador

I´m back from the jungle...

Hey everyone, I´m back from the jungle, and it was a blast. I´m not currently on a computer that will allow me any photo uploads, but I wanted to write a little anyway...I´ll add more to this entry and photos later, I´m pretty tired! It was really cool. We drove a couple hours out of Baños to a place run by a family. It was really rustic...mosquito nets and beds under thatched roofs. On the way out we stopped at a monkey sanctuary. I got to hold monkeys...they´re really friendly (pictures will follow)! We went out to the place in the jungle, and hiked up to this amazing lookout, with hammocks! We hung out there for a bit, shot a blow gun...which I was pretty damn good at! Then we had some really good spaghetti, with shrimp and beef. Last night we went out and looked for Crocodiles. We got to see a few...pretty cool for sure. After that, we had a beer and all turned in for the night under our mosquito nets. There was a huge thunderstorm last night by the way, and it was really cool to watch that, and the fireflies buzzing all over....quite the show! This morning, they served a really good breakfast and we hiked out to a waterfall. It was amazing...comparable to Multnomah Falls in height, but with water warm enough you could swim under it, which I surely did! Those are the main highlights from the jungle tour, I´ll add more later with my pictures.

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